People, who are inspired by creating embroideries, know why they love it so much. This is unforgettable process of creation, when the beauty is born on your eyes, and you receive a sense of satisfaction and gladness coming from completion of difficult work. In fact embroidery is a that type of needlework, which is created for last long years and time, which makes your home warm and comfortable, which makes you happy and attracts an interest from your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

The love given to embroidery and needlework remains unchanged, but charts for creating embroidery and cross stitch kits are changing. They become more comfortable, high-quality and inventive. Our commitment is to offer to you the widest variety of embroidery kits, supplies and accessories necessary for it, which will satisfy and will make happy both beginner and experienced.

If you have not made embroidery before, we would like suggest you to begin your creation from cross stitching embroidery technique. On our site you will be able to find lessons of cross stitching, which will be especially useful to become familiar with this remarkable great needlework. And we hope you will like it and it will become your favorite hobby. In addition we offer comprehensive dictionary of terms and conversion tables which will help to understand subtleties of process.

You can find on our site various cross stitch kits from various producers such as Riolis, Golden Fleece (RU: Zolotoe Ryno), Mistress (RU:Iskusnitsia), PANNA. The kits are different in term of complexity and design.

When you made your choice of the product, we can offer you convenient way to pay for the order. We will deliver your purchases within 3-10 business days depending on your location.

Moreover after you open an account with us you will have ability collect points, see your previous purchases, mark items which you like. The function also gives you ability let us know if you would like to order items which we currently out of stock. Then we will keep this product for you when we will receive it.